Writing Week 2

Este no me ha acabado gustando nada, pero bué, cumple con los requisitos de pegarse a un género y a un público, así que supongo que aprobaré.

-I can’t believe your parents never bothered to take you here. This is part of our history – said the grandfather to his grandson. They were looking at a lonely town on the bottom of the mountain chain.

-It just a village in the mountains.

-Come on, son. Don’t you know what happened here? You haven’t even seen the Rock Ocean.

-Our teacher told us about it, yeah. Was it something about the war?

-No, kid…well, not exactly.

Following the paths between mountains they eventually got to the Rock Ocean, a massive valley of stone floor. The stone was oddly curly which made it look like waves and every now and then a massive rock emerged from the ground like some kind of massive ship. The boy was mesmerized by all the shapes and twirls he had in front of him. He tugged on the arm of his grandfather as to make him explain what he was seeing.

-Is this because of that bomb?

-Of course not! This is where the pirate “Vara de Rey” rests in his tomb with all his seamen. You see son, each of us has a place and a time, and when your pride makes you want things that are out of your reach you end up bootless.

-I have no idea what you’re talking about.

-Well, let me tell you the whole story. Vara de Rey was the King of the Seas here in our peninsula, literally. He had control upon all creature ever to be driven to these waters. He had fun recruiting a mighty army of pirates, for which he had no need as nothing in his sea would ever confront him, he was a decent King after all. Sadly, having an army and not using it was just no good and soon he laid eyes on the Land Creatures. There they were, all dried up and riding their horses everywhere, sitting around the comfort of the mountains. He figured a King of his status should very well be able to ride horses if he pleased, over sea or land, so soon his vanity made him obsessed with conquering the Land.

-But…he can’t do that! How are the ships going to sail the Land?

-Fair question. He might have been arrogant but he was no fool. He planned to sweep all of the peninsula with an enormous wave to drive all of his ships inside of the Mountains. So this is exactly how he ended up here, of course once the wave dried up the ships became stalled to the ground with no way out. The Land Creatures didn’t even have to fight them! Being away from their home and with no way to go, it was a matter of time before all of the pirates became salty sand and their ships turned to stone. Vara de Rey sentenced himself and all of his kingdom just for a little more, even though he had all the infinite seas at his mercy.

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